Waiting to see a behavioral specialist for your child?

Use PedWatch and get expert feedback sooner

PedWatch Example Remote In-Home Video of Child Behaviors Tagged using Machine Learning

How It Works

PedWatch is a Remote Monitoring System for Secure Video Sharing and Communication between families and pediatric experts. All you need is a smartphone or audio/video device to get started.

PedWatch lets parents capture and share their child's behavior (in-home or smartphone video) with certified pediatric experts for timely feedback, without the long wait lists to see a specialist.

Benefits to Parents: Have you watched "Supernanny" in UK/US or "My Golden Kids" by Dr. Oh in Korea? A child behavior expert observes a family at their home and works to improve family behaviors. PedWatch is similar but can be done remotely and at scale, securely connecting more families and experts.

Benefits to Pediatric Experts: PedWatch also saves specialists' time by using machine learning to automatically tag each video with behaviors of interest, such as yelling, crying, and laughing, so experts can focus time and feedback where it is needed the most.


"About 1 in 6 children aged 3-17 years are diagnosed with a developmental disability, as reported by parents."

CDC Article

About Us

We are Seunghye and Justin with our use case #1!

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